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April 2021 

Whenever you get the chance to practice, make sure its quality practice! To many people just go to the range and hit balls, but unless you use some sort of training aid or drill, you don't know if your doing or achieving anything.

Faye Ye.jpg

New ECoast student Faye Ye!

February 2021 

Faye has been in Australia for a few years and has now started school with All Saints Anglican College.

Already on a 6 hcp we are working hard to get to scratch and put some more trophies in the cabinet.

Michael 15 hcp.jpg

Michael on track for scratch!

December 2021 

What a great year for Michael already halfway to his goal of scratch! Just 9 yrs old when he got his first hcp of 36 and he is already down to 16 and we are still 5 months from his 11th birthday.

Congratulations my friend!

Farewell Satsuki.jpg

Farewell Satsuki!

July 2021 

Congratulations for everything you achieved Satsuki.

Starting on 24 hcp and leaving here on 5.

When you started with us you were scoring in the 90's and now you have a best score of 73, awesome effort and very well deserved. Hope to see you back soon! 

Small changes_edited.jpg

Love teaching at Lakelands Golf Club!

June 2021 

Small changes can make a big difference!

Never to late to start.jpg

Love teaching at Lakelands Golf Club!

May 2021 

And it's never to late to start.

Great work Rose!

Lakelands Coaches_edited.jpg

Love teaching at Lakelands Golf Club!

March 2021 

The facilities at Lakelands are so good! Very peaceful and super inspiring.

Satsu Michael Qld Golf_edited.jpg

Michael's first Qld Golf Junior Event!

February 2021 

Michael playing his first Junior event at Oxley Golf Club with Satsuki

Masaki Miyako ECoast_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Masaki Miyako joins ECoast!

February 2021 

Masaki (Mark) has been with ECoast for a few years now attending All Saints Anglican College and has decided to try and follow his well known sister in Japan for golf.

We look forward to achieving all your goals together!

Naoko Par_edited.jpg

Beginner to Par!

November 2020 

Naoko started playing golf with us in September this year, and we played our first 9 holes last week and she has already made her first par! Congratulations and it is a pleasure to coach you.

Satsuki Wins.PNG

Satsuki wins!

Aug 16th 2020 

Satsuki Amano has been in Australia since March 2020, unfortunately during Covid. But she worked hard on both her golf and studies at All Saints Anglican College. She was rewarded with her first ever junior tournament win at Parkwood GC in the Junior Golf Super Series. I'm sure this will be her first of many.

Micheal 9 yrs old.jpg

On scratch by 12

Aug 2020

Micheal is just 9 yrs old and at a recent training session I asked him, can we set a goal of scratch by your 13th birthday, he replied with 12. Good luck Michael ECoast Golf will be with you all the way!

ECoast Golf beach.jpg

Winter in Gold Coast

July 2020

Just another day for ECoast Golf students on the Gold Coast.

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