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Meet Head Coach       Craig Chandler

Over the past 26 years that I have been a Golf Professional. I have seen players with faultless swings, superb physical attributes and excellent mind control. But rarely have I seen a player with all three combined, and this is why almost every week, you see a different winner. It is my goal to achieve this skill set for the players that I work with.

After graduating my Trainee-ship with Terry Robinson at Muree GC in 1994, I then focused on playing, coaching and advancing my skills working for some of the top Golf Clubs in NSW, before eventually moving to Queensland.    

In my time as a PGA Member, I have been fortunate to study coaches all over the world. They include Ian Triggs, Mark Gibson, Gary Edwin, Steven Bann, Peter Cowen, Stan Utley and many more. I also spent six months on the Japan Ladies Golf Tour as a Coach and Caddie. 

My simple and easy to understand approach to coaching has become even easier with the inclusion of KVest. A 3D Wireless Computer Swing Analysis Program that produces visual, audio and biomechanical feedback. 


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Using this wireless 3D technology, helps beginners to tour players monitor swing improvements to with in 1 deg. I am also now certified in golf fitness which allows me to view any physical limitations that might be inhibiting your swing, and if so I can recommend a fitness instructor or demonstrate some exercises to increase your flexibility or enable swing improvements.

We look forward to helping everyone achieve there own personal goals, and seeing some future champions  stand high!

  • Verona LOVED it! Having never played before she was very nervous and is now excited to start the new program! Allan H

  • I asked 9 yr old Michael " how about we try to get to scratch handicap by your 13th birthday, he said 12" Love kids confidence!

  • “Thank you Craig, Aimee said she really enjoyed the on course training today". Allan & Aimee Z.

Meet Director of ECoast & Co

           Mayumi Chandler

Mayumi started her working career with JW Thompson advertising agency and also spent 10 years as a Flight Attendant with Swiss Air based in Europe. She has family based in both Japan and America where she spent a lot of her schooling years, before moving to Australia in 2006.

Taking advantage of her vast experience she developed a study abroad agent business, ECoast & Co.

Mayumi is a Qualified Education Agent Counsellor (QEAC) and is involved in many group study abroad programs on the Gold Coast.

In 2018, the number of single students will increase and the number of support staff will increase, expanding the business.

In addition to sports, we are promoting programs such as retirement options for the aged and organic programs that advocate a healthy lifestyle which is common in Europe and America.

With her own daughter attending school on the Gold Coast she understands the importance of nurturing people of all ages and the support they require to navigate through life, this is her mission and she maintains constant communication with everyone to make sure they feel like part of the ECoast family.




QEAC N112.png

“The Gold Coast has a dazzling environment, educational institutions and policies, sporting facilities, a bright local personality and an organic healthy lifestyle.

Here with the right support, both children and adults can develop their healthy mindset. I have actually experienced it.

Please feel free to contact us for anything. We look forward to assisting you!"

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